A Good Samaritan Indeed

atmIt was just last night when this incident happened to me, and the moment it did, I knew I had to write of this. I was in BTM last night, out for dinner. I planned to stay at my friend’s place and he had asked me to get “a few supplies”. I went to the “store”, took whatever I needed and gave my debit card to swipe. As usual I got a message from HDFC of Rs. 450 being debited from my account (the message that I hate second most, first being my Credit Card bill). All done, and I was on my way home. I was a good 5 minutes away when I got another message on my phone, of another debit of Rs. 200. Now this tops my list of worst messages, a swipe that I did not make. That means money gone from my “fast depleting” account that I did not use, GREAT! Actually no, the credit card statement still is the worst. Anyways, I realized at this point that I had left my debit card back at the “store”.

One mad sprint later, I was back at the “store”. The moment I entered the cashier gave me this big grin. I had a whole mental speech prepared to bark out at the cashier or any other person in the management. The cashier then immediately started explaining that I had forgotten my ATM card back there and there was no way he could contact me. He did not want me to get worried, and so he had to swipe once again so that I get the SMS and realize that I had left it back there. He even went on to explain why he swiped Rs. 200 and not any lesser number. The swiped amount should be above Rs. 100. My immediate question was “but then why Rs. 200, and not Rs. 101 instead?”

“… Sir, suppose you had Rs. 500 exactly in your account. If I swiped Rs. 101 and gave you that money, you would be left with Rs. 399 in your account, out of which you can only withdraw Rs. 300 from the account. That would leave you with the 300 you can withdraw, and the 101 that I give you, totaling to Rs. 401, whereas otherwise you could have had Rs. 500…” He explained this entire thing in Kannada. With my wonderful Kannada expertise, I understood absolutely nothing. He went on to explain the same in Hindi, which made atleast a little sense. Anyways, this topic isn’t about my budding Kannada expertise, or my non-existent Hindi expertise.

Well anyways, in the age where people pretend to be deaf/dumb and steal mobile phones (Yes, that still hurts), it is definitely a breath of air to find someone like this who not only returned my ATM card, but also ensured that I would not lose a single Rupee. God bless you.

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  1. Lucky you! else this blog would have been about the painful procedure of cancelling a credit ! 😉


  2. credit card* donno how that got left out!!


  3. But where did the cashier get your PIN, gentleman??


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