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I spend 9 hours a day in the office. I spend 4 hours a day driving between home and office. I spend 6 hours a day sleeping. I spend around 3 hours a day on miscellaneous stuff (eating, shower, loo, daydreaming, etc.).

1That leaves me with around 2 hours. It is in these 2 hours that I make use of my subscription of Amazon Prime and my brother-in-law’s subscription of Netflix (thank you Romit & the other Romit).

The first 30 minutes of these 2 hours are spent on deciding what to watch, with me scouting the internet for something, checking with the wifey, binge-watching trailers on YouTube, checking with the wifey, reading different reviews, checking with the wifey, and so on.

The next 15 minutes is spent in connecting Alexa and waiting for “her” to connect to the 3super fast and uber reliable ACT WiFi connection. In the interim, the wifey has just pushed a micro-service to production – something about Cloud Foundry I heard her mention.

This is followed by waiting for the super fast and uber reliable ACT WiFi connection to buffer a bit of the movie to help get us started. In the meanwhile, I realize that the WiFi repeater is not on, so the signal being caught on is the weaker one. Another 15 mins gone.

The last one hour is a mixture of video watching, buffering, snoring (me), waking me up (her) and so on.


Such is the life. Sleep. Drive. Work. Drive. (above). Repeat. #ADayInTheLifeOf

The Bollywood Buff In Me…


It was very early in my life that I realised that I was a movie buff – a Bollywood movie buff to be precise. From the days that my Hindi was at the “Aap kaise ho” level to my current “Kya haal hai” level. If you are thinking that that is not too much of a jump, well yes it is, for me. For a Malayalee guy, who never used Hindi for anything else except in the Hindi class, that is quite something. But when it came to movies – nothing beat Hindi for me.

I still remember the first movie I watched (or atleast remember watching) in a theatre was Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. Thus started my love for Hindi cinema. I wouldn’t mind watching the same movie again and again, even though I might know each dialogue, or even each and every action or movement in a particular sequence. One of the most fitting examples is the scene from Chak De India, when the last penalty shot is about to be taken. The captain cum goalie Vidya Sharma is all set between the posts, and Kabir Khan tries to figure out which way the shot is going. “Uski stick left ki taraf hai, uski pair right ki taraf hai.. Ya Khuda, ye toh seedha shot legi.. Vidya dekho meri taraf.. etc”

It is not a mammoth task to by heart dialogues from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, especially since it is played every Sunday afternoon or Star Gold. “Chandu ke chacha ne chandu ke chichi ko chandni chowk me chandi ke chamche se chatni chatayee.. Chatni chatayee.. Finally I got it… Who’s Chandu? Laddoo? Who’s Laddoo?”

Well, I have taken it upon myself to go the extra mile. Remember the dialogue from the movie 16 December “Dulhan ka vidaai ka waqt badalna hai”. Or the slightly more famous one from the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani “Abbey border ke Sunny Deol! Yeh sangeet hai nach baliye nahi.”

I mean, even last night, I was watching YJHD for the nth time, and I still watch it with all the enthusiasm in the world. I always wanted to be a Bollywood actor too, but owing to my extremely high knowledge of the Hindi language, I had to keep that plan at bay. Come to think of it, voice dubbing is always an option.

Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall (In Love)

This is not just any other love story. In fact it is far from it.


It starts off as typical bad boy Humpty Sharma (not Raj Malhotra) meeting typical good girl Kavya (not Simran Singh) in Delhi (not Zurich). Kavya goes to Delhi to buy herself a designer wedding dress (not as a last trip to see the world before marriage). Boy meets girl. Boy flirts with girl. Boy falls for girl. Girl falls for guy. Girl wont disobey her dad, Mr. Singh (played by Ashutosh Rana, not Amrish Puri). Girl goes back to Ambala and prepares to meet her fiancé Angad, a rich NRI doctor (not Kuljeet, a jeep riding Punjab da puttar). Boy follows her there.

… Skipping more than a few scenes to ensure reader’s interest. Not that you would lose it with such a gripping story line. But just in case …

Boy wins over the entire family, except the Dad. The Dad asks him to find one reason why the NRI doc is not a good fit for the girl.

  1. He is a lovely cook – Masterchef US helping someone get hitched
  2. He is a fitness freak – Jogs around the park with ease
  3. He is not gay – Yea, that was one of their theories

Personal opinion – They should have shown Alia Bhat’s Koffee With Karan episode to the NRI doc. He would walk away himself…

… Once again. Skipping more than a few scenes to ensure reader’s interest. Not that you would lose it with such a gripping story line. But just in case …

Day of the wedding, they elope, girl meets boy in railway station. Dad comes there. Dishum dishum happens, and boy leaves Ambala after an emotional speech about how much he loves the girl. Once he leaves, and we are all set for the wedding, Dad changes his mind and agrees to get girl married to boy. Dad goes to the boy and tells him that he can marry the girl (no “Jaa Simran, jee le apni zindagi” dialogue). And they lived happily ever after.

This is the basic story line of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Oops, I mean Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania. For those who thought that this is just a spoof with no story line, please think again. Probably the only similarity is that both titles have 4 words. And that both have the word Dulhania in it. And…… No that’s about it.

A romantic comedy with mind blowing performances from Shahrukh Khan and Kajol. Music was outstanding too. I am sure this one is going to sweep the Filmfare awards this time around.

3 Years Later


Its been 3 years since I wrote my first post “Writing Ain’t My Cup of Tea”. 3 years and 36 posts later, I still say the same thing. 🙂 I never got a chance to thank a few people for what they have done for this blog.

Vikhyath – For the “so very much like me” caricature. Brilliant stuff indeed.

CP – For designing the entire background over night.  He wasn’t married back then. Thus possible. 😛

Maxim – For helping out with all the technical aspects (except Inspect Element). 😛

Thank you to each of you who have read atleast one of my posts. I hope I put a smile on that face atleast once. 🙂


The Power of the “F” Word

Before any one of you have any ideas about where this post is heading. F for Facebook.


The most powerful tool present today. I am not a Social Media person, but it is evident to me that social media plays a big role in all our lives today. In today’s time, social media is Facebook. Not to undermine the reach of Twitter or LinkedIn, but Facebook is the common man’s handy tool.

The moment you get a smart phone, the first 2 apps downloaded are generally Facebook and Whatsapp (not particularly in this order). Whatsapp to keep in touch with all the million friends, and Facebook for the other gazillion. Companies are treating Facebook as a better way to reach out to people, even more than their website. But I do not wish to talk about all that. The reason I wanted to write about FB was mainly to do with an incident that happened a couple of days back.


I am not sure how many of you read or have heard about Merin Joseph. Most you might have seen her pic atleast, which was doing its round on Whatsapp as well. Merin Joseph, an IPS trainee in Hyderabad, came down to Kochi as part of her training. Imagine her surprise when she was being congratulated for being the new ACP of Kochi. Yes, she is very attractive (refer pic above), and her photos from FB  were being circulated all over the place. Memes were being made with people (including Mohanlal) begging to be arrested. So much so, that she had to finally put up a post on her FB wall saying that she was not the ACP and was still in training (refer pic below).


So we might think that Facebook helps make celebrities all the more famous. But this is a common woman, albeit beautiful and an IPS trainee, she is just another woman. Her pics went viral, news about her went viral, one or more of the major papers had an article about the whole incident, FB fan pages were made for her, and as of right now, there are 4 pages dedicated to her with 10k fans almost. All this thanks to some guy (probably) who saw her in her uniform sitting in the ACP’s office (probably). One photo and meme later, she was a celebrity. The poor woman.

I am not sure if she is enjoying the attention, or just had enough of stardom already. Either ways, here is wishing Ms. Merin Joseph a wonderful future.

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