The Smartest Person I Know..

ImageThis one line, I have said a lot of times about different people during my “happy” times. But there is one person about him, no matter how many times I say it, it will not be enough. I thought of writing a post about him a long time ago. In fact he even suggested a title for it: “184cm – The Height of Laziness”. Well, let me attempt to tell you all a bit about this genius.


Born and brought up abroad, he was always the above average student. Topped the school in his 10th standard, with a 90+ in almost every subject, except English I think (that was 89). Went back to his native land to complete his 11th and 12th, and was nothing short of a scholar there as well. His (and his parents’) prayers were answered when he got a merit seat in a famous Medical College in Mangalore. After slogging it out over there, once again, passing with flying colours, he got a seat in a Government Medical College in South India to pursue his Masters (through an unbelievably high rank in the All India Exam). Today, he got his results and is now officially a M.D. doctor.


Well, yes he is a super brain. But then there is more to this genius than just brains. He has a sense of humour that could put Russell Peters to shame. He plays badminton like his surname is Padukone. There is of course one small problem. He is as mentioned earlier, “Oh-so-lazy”. He doesn’t believe in SMS. If someone requires to contact him, he/she better call. The only SMS he sends to someone would be the SMS that he would dictate to his roommate, who would type it diligently. If you get an SMS from him with more than 2 (maximum 3) words, know that it was his roommate.


But after all this, most importantly, it’s always family first for this guy. He is probably the best son a couple could hope for, and the best brother one could wish for. I might not have ever told all this to him on his face, which is why I decided to blog about it. So Doc, this blog post is for you, lazy or not, you are still the smartest man I know.


P.S. I still believe you got the brains of the family, and your brother got the looks. 

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