JOHN TERRY – The Non-Smoking Smoker

One of my friends brought this to my notice, and the first thing I thought of, was blogging about it. ADDICT!! Well, if any of you smoke out there, you will know that Gold Flake Kings has come up with a new pack. Nothing much has changed in it apparently, except for the fact that the deflated lungs in the front of the pack has changed. I was shell shocked when I saw the new picture. It’s a little blurred, but anyone who watches football will know that the person on that cover is none other than English and Chelsea captain “John Terry”.

I mean, seriously, did the ITC not get any other photo to put up? Forget the fact that he is not Indian. But if I am not wrong (which I am at most times), Terry does not smoke. So what’s with putting his pic up on a cigarette pack. Was it like my friend suggested, a simple google image search for a topless foreigner, or maybe sheer ignorance, or even worst case scenario, was it just a plain mistake. Oh, and I did miss out on the most possible  (rather probable) cause, it isn’t John Terry.

I will not believe it though if someone tells me that it isn’t JT. It just looks so much like him. I guess I am still believing that this is just a mistake. So somebody please tell me, you think JT will sue? And if he does, smokers beware, you might just see the price of Kings increasing further. I wont tell Terry if you wont.

If any of you have any further doubts, I guess you can check for the dent on the right shoulder. Both pics !! Voila.. Its him.. But the question remains.. WHY??

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  1. LOL.. Awesome observation.. unluckily i am not in a region where i will get a Kings pack now…


  2. Nice observation. 😀
    Although, you r woefully misinformed to b blaming ITC for the pic. The pic is released by the Government of India and soon all cigarettes will have to carry this pic as per the Government regulations. So don’t be amazed if every cigarette pack shows John Terry 😛


    • Hey Abhay.. Well, if indeed what you said is true, well forgive my lack of knowledge, and thank you for giving me a little more information. Eitherways, some1 is wrong.

      Thanks once again for the info. Cheers.


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  4. Noticed it as well. Can’t believe it’s actually him!


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