I spend 9 hours a day in the office. I spend 4 hours a day driving between home and office. I spend 6 hours a day sleeping. I spend around 3 hours a day on miscellaneous stuff (eating, shower, loo, daydreaming, etc.).

1That leaves me with around 2 hours. It is in these 2 hours that I make use of my subscription of Amazon Prime and my brother-in-law’s subscription of Netflix (thank you Romit & the other Romit).

The first 30 minutes of these 2 hours are spent on deciding what to watch, with me scouting the internet for something, checking with the wifey, binge-watching trailers on YouTube, checking with the wifey, reading different reviews, checking with the wifey, and so on.

The next 15 minutes is spent in connecting Alexa and waiting for “her” to connect to the 3super fast and uber reliable ACT WiFi connection. In the interim, the wifey has just pushed a micro-service to production – something about Cloud Foundry I heard her mention.

This is followed by waiting for the super fast and uber reliable ACT WiFi connection to buffer a bit of the movie to help get us started. In the meanwhile, I realize that the WiFi repeater is not on, so the signal being caught on is the weaker one. Another 15 mins gone.

The last one hour is a mixture of video watching, buffering, snoring (me), waking me up (her) and so on.


Such is the life. Sleep. Drive. Work. Drive. (above). Repeat. #ADayInTheLifeOf

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