End of the road


After much deliberation, I have come to the conclusion that I have lost my interest in writing. I mean, there used to be a time, where any incident that happens in my life, I would be mentally framing sentences to write on the blog. But that’s just gone now. Today if I want to write a blog, I ask every source I have about what topic I can write about. I get a million topics, which so many writers could do justice to, but then I realize that I cannot do justice to it. So that topic goes down the drain.

The problem with me is that I find every topic either boring, too serious, too generic, not my style or just plain adult rated, which I prefer not to write about. I got a lot of suggestions this time, politics (boring), Vidya Balan (not my style – I prefer not to write about one particular person), a controversial red card (too serious), women (too generic), etc. Yes, I purposely left out the adult rated topics.

And after adding up all those topics, and deciding against any of them, what do I finally write about? My unsuccessful hunt for a blog topic. Is this the irony of life? A blog about not having a topic to blog about. This blog was just to put to rest my need to blog something tonight. So till I find something else to blog about, Adios Amigos..

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