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Books Versus Movies ! ! !

I never was a great reader. I hardly read in fact. Ask my parents, they will tell you they struggled to get me to read a text book too. We had this copy of Arundhati Roy’s God of Small Things at home, and I’m not really sure who read it, but I do know that I didn’t even read the cover. We had quite a few books at home, and I made sure I never looked in their direction.

Not much has changed actually. Except that when the first Harry Potter book came out, people made all the hype about it that I had to read it to know exactly what all the people were going ga ga goo goo about. Yes, a good read. And then the movie came out, and suddenly all the people were at it again. I’m not really sure if that was for how cute Daniel Radcliffe was or for a wonderful movie. Either ways, I decided to go and have a watch. I will not say I was disappointed, coz it’s not really easy to fit a huge book into a 3 hour (maximum) movie. Then came the rest of the parts of the books followed by the movies. Again same result, the movie couldn’t compare to the book. Books 1 – Movies 0.

Then came all the talk about one Mr. Robert Pattinson (or was most would know him, Edward Cullen). I’ll be honest with you, I wasn’t even aware of the existence of the book till one of my friends told me about it. I watched the movie and I knew I had to read the book. Just to know if there really was a difference there in the book and novel, or was it just a HP thing. However I never did get my chance to read the book till the day I had to accompany my dear brother on a train journey from Cochin to Delhi. I got the first 2 parts of the book and finished it during that journey, and yes the book was better. Maybe the ladies will not agree with me especially since they can’t see Robert Pattinson in the book. But I do know a lot of people who absolutely adored the books like I did. I’m not a fan of the intense love story, but I would rather read about it, since its better explained there. Books 2 – Movies 0.

Now I managed to find a couple of books to another movie I have watched. I absolutely loved all parts of this movie, and I am actually waiting for my “friend” to finish the book, so I can get my hands on it. Well, maybe this time movies can get off the mark. Oh and by the way, the series in question here is “The Bourne Series”.

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