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#2325, 1st Floor, 16th B Main Indiranagar :-)

It was exactly one year back that 4 young lads walked into this new house.  4 people who have been staying together (more or less) for the past 6 years. Well, we can’t say it’s a bad house, its small, its cozy, nice location, but more importantly, the 4 of us were together.

Before even stepping into the house, bad luck struck forth. The fridge while being carried up the stairs was dropped. The bottom part broke and apparently some liquid was dripping and it was fuming like crazy. (One year later that fridge still stands unrepaired in my kitchen). The day we moved in we had decided to maintain a book, writing down everyone’s expenses, to be settled at the end of the month. I don’t recall a single month it was done properly though. The house was an empty house with absolutely nothing in it other than lights, fans, couple of built in shelves and cupboards and a geyser. We went shopping that day and spent a handsome amount of money, buying stuff for the house, mattresses and pillows, curtains, a couple of bean bags, and finally a second hand TV. Yes, this house was now a home.

This house was great mainly because it was like a 5 minute walk from everything. Indiranagar is one of the hottest locations in Bangalore, and we were there. Our neighbor has 6 dogs (all different breeds), and it is a hilarious sight to watch him attempt to walk all 6 dogs at the same time. Almost all hotels delivered food to our place. All in all, all the basic necessities were satisfied. And the better part, we had friends coming over ever so often. Tons of fun. (Guess it was the calm before the storm)

I have heard of robberies, I have read about them, but never actually known first hand. Early this year, we had a break in. Not so much a break in, if he walked right through the front door. Me and a roomie had an early morning shift, so we left home at 5 am. Locking the door and threw they key inside the house for the other roomie. At about 7am, he calls me saying that he woke up to find the door wide open and 2 laptops missing. In the 2 hour span after we left, some IDIOT had the audacity to enter our house, walk into the same room where a “tired” roomie was sleeping, unplug the earphones and charger attached to the laptop, and just leave with 2 laptops. Apart from the fact that that IDIOT didn’t take anything else, I was but left wondering. What would have happened if my roomie had happened to wake up at that time. Thank God nothing else happened. Material things can always be replaced.

Anyways, today I am left alone in this house (no more a home now that the family members are gone). All I can do is look back at one year of happiness, sadness, joy and grief. Roomies, I’m sure none of you wanted to leave, but fate had other plans. Anyways, our saga at Indiranagar is over, and let us make a new home out of a new house.

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