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The Power of the “F” Word

Before any one of you have any ideas about where this post is heading. F for Facebook.


The most powerful tool present today. I am not a Social Media person, but it is evident to me that social media plays a big role in all our lives today. In today’s time, social media is Facebook. Not to undermine the reach of Twitter or LinkedIn, but Facebook is the common man’s handy tool.

The moment you get a smart phone, the first 2 apps downloaded are generally Facebook and Whatsapp (not particularly in this order). Whatsapp to keep in touch with all the million friends, and Facebook for the other gazillion. Companies are treating Facebook as a better way to reach out to people, even more than their website. But I do not wish to talk about all that. The reason I wanted to write about FB was mainly to do with an incident that happened a couple of days back.


I am not sure how many of you read or have heard about Merin Joseph. Most you might have seen her pic atleast, which was doing its round on Whatsapp as well. Merin Joseph, an IPS trainee in Hyderabad, came down to Kochi as part of her training. Imagine her surprise when she was being congratulated for being the new ACP of Kochi. Yes, she is very attractive (refer pic above), and her photos from FB  were being circulated all over the place. Memes were being made with people (including Mohanlal) begging to be arrested. So much so, that she had to finally put up a post on her FB wall saying that she was not the ACP and was still in training (refer pic below).


So we might think that Facebook helps make celebrities all the more famous. But this is a common woman, albeit beautiful and an IPS trainee, she is just another woman. Her pics went viral, news about her went viral, one or more of the major papers had an article about the whole incident, FB fan pages were made for her, and as of right now, there are 4 pages dedicated to her with 10k fans almost. All this thanks to some guy (probably) who saw her in her uniform sitting in the ACP’s office (probably). One photo and meme later, she was a celebrity. The poor woman.

I am not sure if she is enjoying the attention, or just had enough of stardom already. Either ways, here is wishing Ms. Merin Joseph a wonderful future.

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