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Done & Dusted

There you go, India travels back from England with a test series whooping, a 20-20 battering and a one day series thrashing. The World Champions humbled at the hands of the English. Yes, we shall have a lot of excuses, starting from the tight cricket schedule to injuries to the Duckworth Lewis (which I still don’t understand) system.  Let’s all get our facts straight.

Bear with me while I go through some dates. India travelled to South Africa mid December 2010, to face the Proteas in a series extending till late January. February marked the beginning of the World Cup, and I’m sure we all know what happened there. Well, that lasted till 2nd of April. Immediately after that was the IPL going on till the 28th of May. A week later the Men In Blue travelled to the Caribbean for another month or so and then travelled to England for this dreaded series. So that solves the doubts of packed calendar. But hey, whose fault is that?

Next in line is our injury list. Starting off with losing our frontline seamer Zak in the very first Test, and then came injuries to Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh, Ishant Sharma and Gautam Gambhir, Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar. I might be awfully wrong, but that is 7 of our best players. We got replacements for a few, but it really is tough to replace a Zaheer Khan or a Sachin Tendulkar. Never the less, the World Champions could have done a whole lot better. (One victory too much to ask for?)

Duckworth Lewis System, well I really don’t have much to say for that. I mean, that depends on sheer luck. No one expected a wet summer in England. Yet it rained cats and dogs. The D/L system played its role in handing India a defeat, and rain played spoil sport in the first ODI. Bad luck. Mother Nature really didn’t want us to win.

Another system that just came to mind is the Decision Referral System, popularly known as the DRS system (not to be confused with the DRS of Formula1). I never did like the idea of the DRS. I just believe that it spoils the beauty of the gentleman’s game. A little bit of batsman’s luck, a little bit of umpire error, that is what I prefer to see. Anyways, what is the use of such a system if the decisions are going to be wrong eventually inspite of them being referred. They should see the DOCOMO add, Keep It Simple Silly.

Add to all this, Michael Vaughan’s Vaseline controversy, and what more do you need. Man, you should have seen Michael Vaughan’s Timeline on Twitter on that day. Abuses in all possible Indian languages and criticisms of all sorts. He just can’t keep his mouth shut now, can he?

Let us not forget our only silver lining Rahul “The Wall” Dravid. He had a wonderful series, hit 3 continuous 6’s in his first and last T20, and hit a 69 (no pun intended) in his last ODI innings. India bids farewell to their best No.3 batsmen from limited overs cricket.

India came to England with a billion hearts praying for Sachin’s century of centuries. Before the start of play today, we were left praying for atleast one victory.

But all I can think of is one person. That guy who came in that ad before the Indian England series saying “you never beat us.” GGRRRRRR

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