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ImageJuly 10, 2013 was my last day in my ex-house. Since then, I have been officially homeless. Thanks to some good buddies, I have a place to keep my stuff (friend’s house basement) and a place to park my ass (friend’s house couch). Well, it has been a little more than 3 weeks now, and I have started to feel that I have overstayed my welcome. Not that they would say anything to throw me out actually, they adore my company (Right guys?). I walked out of the house today believing this to be my last working day (as I would call it) in EU Castle (friend’s place by the way). I found a house, spoke to the owner, said that I would pay a token advance, and move in my stuff. In a week’s time, I hope to gather the remaining money for the deposit. “HOPE” being the keyword actually.


But how could it be so easy. Just when things were looking like being on track, a twist occurs (reminds me of Race – the Hindi movie). My friend at whose house basement my luggage was kept, is currently out of station. So as it stands, I will have a house, but will not be able to stay in it. Because all I will have in that empty house will be 7 T shirts, 4 shirts, 2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of floaters, 2 pairs of socks, and underwear. End result, till yesterday I didn’t have a house, and so I stayed at EU castle. From today, I will have a house, no luggage, and thus stay at EU Castle. So guys, you have the pleasure of my company for a couple (little more than a couple) of days more.


 I am not sure how many of you guys have actually had this feeling. But it is a shitty feeling. Since 2009, there hasn’t been a single day that I have been homeless. I have crashed at other people’s places, but always had in the back of my mind, that there is a house that I can return to, whenever need be. But this last couple of weeks, that feeling was never there. I missed it. Hopefully soon the feeling comes back. Though I do feel bad about leaving the people I’m staying with now. I know they will miss me. But sorry buddy, I have to move on. You know we will still be in touch right? 🙂

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