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Take Diversion – BBMP Work Under Progress

In all of India, we drive on the left side of the road. In Bangalore, we drive on what is left of the road.


I was riding to work today thinking about what my next blog topic would be, and suddenly there was this crater in front of me. Yes, I meant crater itself. It certainly did look like a meteor had left its mark. I haven’t traveled through too many roads in Bangalore, but from what I have seen, I believe Bangalore sees quite a few meteor showers.

Apart from the fact that this causes a jam in traffic or that it could mess with the suspension of the vehicle, these “craters” make Bangalore roads very unsafe. As it is, we have more than enough drunken driving cases every Friday or Saturday night (or even a weeknight for the really fun ones). The pathetic roads just add on as an extra reason for the folks drunk drivers/riders. For a person driving under the influence, this “crater” is more like the Grand Canyon.

I am in no way supporting drunken driving. It is a cardinal sin. But the sorry state of the roads here don’t help the cause either. There are certain under repair roads, which have been blocked for ages. Finally when the road opens up, there really isn’t too much change. Have any of you gone on the road between the HAL signal and Old Madras road? 5 years ago, this road was a pleasure to ride/drive on. Not too wide, but enough for 2 buses to go side by side. It had trees on both sides provide ample shade, and a serene green environment. Today that road is anything but that. All the trees are gone, in the name of road widening. The sides of the road are being “worked on”. The dust makes you feel you are in the Sahara desert in the middle of a sand storm, and for some reason the remaining part of the road suddenly has its crests and troughs.

The NICE road is a wonderful road. In fact all the roads that have tolls are nice. But that comes at a price. This leaves me wondering. All the money from road tax, where is it going?


P.S. I am in no way looking to criticize Bangalore, nor am I saying anything about the roads in any other city. I stay in Bangalore, and this directly affects me. Thus the post. Namma Ooru Bengaluru. 🙂

Job Hopping – The new IN thing


My Dad and Mom have been doing the same job for the past 30+ years. Same office, same colleagues, same everything. I think the only thing that has changed is the furniture around them, or the computer OS to be more precise. That was a completely different era. I am not sure if it is loyalty to the company or whether the hikes were unbelievably good, whatever it was Employee Satisfaction was at a very high level.


Nowadays it is common practice to see people switch jobs very often. My friend’s Team Lead has switched 8 jobs in 8 years (come to think of it, that’s almost equal to the number of houses I have shifted. That’s a different story though). What really does happen to one’s career with these jumps. Surely, the salary goes rocketing skyward. But is there a negative effect? Do some companies see such a candidate as a potential hopper, and will that impact his/her candidature? I would say no (purely personal opinion). There are many companies who see what you bring to the table, rather than whether you plan to stay for dinner at the table. There may be clauses though, like a bigger notice period, or in some other countries, a non compete. But there are people who want you.


I have seen also the other extreme. A few friends of mine are currently on their sixth year with the same company. They don’t seem to happy about it, but then that has more to do with the work I guess. When friends hear about this guy who hasn’t changed jobs yet, they just can’t understand why someone would want to stay in the same company for so long. No level of money beats job satisfaction, but I have come across a lot of people also ready to give up on Employee Satisfaction for a fatter pay cheque at the end of the month.


If you ask me. Well yes, money is very important. But there comes a point where one should draw the line. Trust me, if you look far and hard enough, there are companies willing to pay you what you need (and in one weird case I heard, they pay even more than what you ask for). Try to make an impact on a company such that they want to keep you, and are willing to go that extra mile (read as extra hike) to ensure you continue to work with them. 


P.S. Just had these thoughts, and felt I should pen it down. Cheers.

I spy with my little eye, someone looking like you !!

Have you ever been told that you look like someone else? Have you been told that you have a doppelganger? maybe a sports personality, maybe a movie star, maybe some random person walking on the road. A lot of us have heard it. A lot of us have felt it. Well this blog post is about the times that I have been compared to anyone at all.

Randy Orton

 2004 – The first comparison I remember is that I look a lot like Randy Orton (WWE superstar). I have heard this from quite a few people. This was not because they heard someone say so, but because they felt so. Frankly I do not see it, and I won’t be surprised if you do not either. By the way, this comparison is purely neck upwards.

Christian Bale

2010 – Another comparison was to Christian Bale (more famous as Batman) – image no. 2). Now I understand if you need to laugh this one out. The first time I heard this was from my brother’s friend. The moment he saw me, he said that I resembled the Batman guy (pity he did not know Christian Bale’s name – then again, they’re doctors – no pun intended). Although I do not think I have heard this one from anyone else. So this maybe a “doctor error”. This comparison too, very much neck upwards, I am guessing.

Sushant Singh

 2013 – Another very confusing comparison made was to Sushant Singh Rajput (Kai Po Che guy). A colleague just pinged me out of the blue and said “Dude, you look like that Kai Po Che guy”. It was only once he said it that I even knew the movie released. Sorry, very bad with dates. Though I did not understand this one, I played along. Even to the extent of creating a Team Sushi (another story for another day). I was not over the Sushant Singh comparison when the next one hit me.


2014 – The most recent of comparisons came while I was watching “Highway”. I supposedly resembled Randeep Hooda (Bollywood actor). Another comparison I do not really understand, and which I am sure is neck upwards. This too has been told by more than one person.

Now I do know that I look nothing like any of the above mentioned people. But then maybe, I was thinking, that they look something like me (maybe). So this is what having a Doppelganger feels like.

GOKARNA – Quick Review

For all those who haven’t been to this “temple town”, this would serve as a good review (I hope not). Well, after all the hype about Gokarna, I finally made a quick fire decision to go there. I was there for 2 days, and through this post I will tell you some quick tips about the place. So you can go there, a little bit better informed than I was. One word review “Awesome”. More words review “READ ON”.


I reached Gokarna Railway Station at about 11:30 am, Saturday morning. The half an hour auto ride to Om beach (the only beach I have heard of over there, thus the obvious choice) is not very pleasant, but the sights you get to see once you are approaching the beaches are picture perfect. So all you DSLR boys and girls, keep your cameras ready as soon as you are in the rick. Once at Om beach, I checked into the Namaste Café (the only place of stay I have heard of over there, thus the obvious choice). Frankly, the stay is not that great. But then I had to make do.


Changed and came out to lunch to the café. Just for the information of all interested, there are no ATM’s for about 10kms, so please ensure you are loaded. Most places don’t accept cards as well, atleast Namaste Café doesn’t. Anyways, the food was not that great initially, but that was perhaps I did not know what to order, because after every meal we had there, the food was showing signs of improvement, and the last meal I had there was WOW. Once the walking down Om Beach was done, it was time to check out the adjacent beach, called Kudlee Beach. There are 2 ways to get there. One is a 45 mins strenuous walk on a hilly path (upslope only), which we took while trying to get there. The other way, which I was made aware only when we planned to leave from there is a 7 mins walk in between a slight forest. It might seem a little scary to walk that way in the dark, but then the long route is just as bad. So try to go and return when there is sufficient sunlight. To ensure you do not lose your way, there are white arrows painted on the ground to guide you.


Kudlee beach is definitely the best in Gokarna. The water is so very clear, and to watch the sun set here would be a dream come true. The resort on Kudlee beach (Gokarna Resort I think) is expensive when compared to those on Om beach, but it looks posh, and the view that one would get would make it worth it. The other beach in the same line is Half moon beach. Off season it is nothing at all, so I will not comment on that. I haven’t gone to the Paradise beach, so once again, can’t comment on that either. Another beach (which is in the city actually) is about 10kms away from the rest. There is nothing great about this beach. It is just another beach. A lot of people, kids, young people, elders, all of them. There are more localites here than others I believe.


I have heard people say that it is a Mini Goa, and I do agree. One could say that it is Goa minus the massive crowd and the cheaper alcohol.

What FPL has done for EPL ! !

The EPL has always been something that was of interest to many people. I am one among those many people. I would of course not go on to say that I am a hard core fan of football. I can say this because I wouldn’t be really interested in watching a Crystal Palace versus Hull City game. In fact, if Liverpool were to be playing Hull City, I would be the least bit interested. My interest would be confined to, “Whats the result of the Man United game?” and “How many points lead do we have at the top of the table?” (last year’s thoughts, before you guys think I am being over confident about this year).

Well, there is this whole game (if I might call it) called FPL (Fantasy Premier League). I for one take it very seriously, and I know quite a few people who do too. Well, what FPL has done is that it has taken the love for the beautiful game to a whole new level. Suddenly you have football enthusiasts going “gaa gaa goo goo” over some random player scoring against some random team. Seriously, I would be the least bit concerned about a one Mr. Barkley amassing points for Everton, if it were not for FPL. FPL has made the average man think more like Arsene Wenger’s scouts. Yes, pick them when they are young (or in this case “cheap”).

FPL has made hard core football fans think with their head, rather than heart. I have seen a Chelsea fan make David De Gea captain of their FPL team, when it was a Man United versus Chelsea game. Though it might have worked out this time, it might have been a stupid move (if Jose had played his cards right – or maybe he did, who am I to judge). Such instances are many. I do not blame them. They play FPL for points, and not to prove their loyalty to the club. The whole system of having your own private league, and Head 2 Head leagues have increased the interest in FPL. I myself am a part of 2 leagues and 2 H2H leagues, all of which I take more than a little bit seriously. Unfortunately, I do not see the fruits of my seriousness in my points (Grrrr… #HeartBreak)

There are a truckload of apps on the Google play store for FPL (most free), though I prefer their mobile site to all of them. Every Friday, if you see a football fan in deep thought staring at a computer screen, be rest assured, he is figuring out which transfer to make this game week, and who to make his captain. So when Jose Enrique scored 12 points this week, I was not saying to myself “Why that Scouser?”, I was thinking “why on Earth did I make Aguero captain?”. So now it is Wednesday, so it is about time you guys start the thinking process, and decide on what change to bring to your squads. Word of advice, don’t take the Wildcard yet. Be like one of my friends, do 11 changes to your team and forget to press the “Take Wildcard” button. Saturday night his points were 39, add to that a -40, not a pretty picture. Anyways, happy deciding boys. I have some deciding to do of my own. CaSa’s XI is struggling.

For all the ladies who find this post absolutely wasteful, sorry ladies, next time I shall think about writing something that could grab your interest. For all the men who thought this wasteful, bollocks to you.