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The Bollywood Buff In Me…


It was very early in my life that I realised that I was a movie buff – a Bollywood movie buff to be precise. From the days that my Hindi was at the “Aap kaise ho” level to my current “Kya haal hai” level. If you are thinking that that is not too much of a jump, well yes it is, for me. For a Malayalee guy, who never used Hindi for anything else except in the Hindi class, that is quite something. But when it came to movies – nothing beat Hindi for me.

I still remember the first movie I watched (or atleast remember watching) in a theatre was Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. Thus started my love for Hindi cinema. I wouldn’t mind watching the same movie again and again, even though I might know each dialogue, or even each and every action or movement in a particular sequence. One of the most fitting examples is the scene from Chak De India, when the last penalty shot is about to be taken. The captain cum goalie Vidya Sharma is all set between the posts, and Kabir Khan tries to figure out which way the shot is going. “Uski stick left ki taraf hai, uski pair right ki taraf hai.. Ya Khuda, ye toh seedha shot legi.. Vidya dekho meri taraf.. etc”

It is not a mammoth task to by heart dialogues from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, especially since it is played every Sunday afternoon or Star Gold. “Chandu ke chacha ne chandu ke chichi ko chandni chowk me chandi ke chamche se chatni chatayee.. Chatni chatayee.. Finally I got it… Who’s Chandu? Laddoo? Who’s Laddoo?”

Well, I have taken it upon myself to go the extra mile. Remember the dialogue from the movie 16 December “Dulhan ka vidaai ka waqt badalna hai”. Or the slightly more famous one from the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani “Abbey border ke Sunny Deol! Yeh sangeet hai nach baliye nahi.”

I mean, even last night, I was watching YJHD for the nth time, and I still watch it with all the enthusiasm in the world. I always wanted to be a Bollywood actor too, but owing to my extremely high knowledge of the Hindi language, I had to keep that plan at bay. Come to think of it, voice dubbing is always an option.

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