Job Hopping – The new IN thing


My Dad and Mom have been doing the same job for the past 30+ years. Same office, same colleagues, same everything. I think the only thing that has changed is the furniture around them, or the computer OS to be more precise. That was a completely different era. I am not sure if it is loyalty to the company or whether the hikes were unbelievably good, whatever it was Employee Satisfaction was at a very high level.


Nowadays it is common practice to see people switch jobs very often. My friend’s Team Lead has switched 8 jobs in 8 years (come to think of it, that’s almost equal to the number of houses I have shifted. That’s a different story though). What really does happen to one’s career with these jumps. Surely, the salary goes rocketing skyward. But is there a negative effect? Do some companies see such a candidate as a potential hopper, and will that impact his/her candidature? I would say no (purely personal opinion). There are many companies who see what you bring to the table, rather than whether you plan to stay for dinner at the table. There may be clauses though, like a bigger notice period, or in some other countries, a non compete. But there are people who want you.


I have seen also the other extreme. A few friends of mine are currently on their sixth year with the same company. They don’t seem to happy about it, but then that has more to do with the work I guess. When friends hear about this guy who hasn’t changed jobs yet, they just can’t understand why someone would want to stay in the same company for so long. No level of money beats job satisfaction, but I have come across a lot of people also ready to give up on Employee Satisfaction for a fatter pay cheque at the end of the month.


If you ask me. Well yes, money is very important. But there comes a point where one should draw the line. Trust me, if you look far and hard enough, there are companies willing to pay you what you need (and in one weird case I heard, they pay even more than what you ask for). Try to make an impact on a company such that they want to keep you, and are willing to go that extra mile (read as extra hike) to ensure you continue to work with them. 


P.S. Just had these thoughts, and felt I should pen it down. Cheers.

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