I spy with my little eye, someone looking like you !!

Have you ever been told that you look like someone else? Have you been told that you have a doppelganger? maybe a sports personality, maybe a movie star, maybe some random person walking on the road. A lot of us have heard it. A lot of us have felt it. Well this blog post is about the times that I have been compared to anyone at all.

Randy Orton

 2004 – The first comparison I remember is that I look a lot like Randy Orton (WWE superstar). I have heard this from quite a few people. This was not because they heard someone say so, but because they felt so. Frankly I do not see it, and I won’t be surprised if you do not either. By the way, this comparison is purely neck upwards.

Christian Bale

2010 – Another comparison was to Christian Bale (more famous as Batman) – image no. 2). Now I understand if you need to laugh this one out. The first time I heard this was from my brother’s friend. The moment he saw me, he said that I resembled the Batman guy (pity he did not know Christian Bale’s name – then again, they’re doctors – no pun intended). Although I do not think I have heard this one from anyone else. So this maybe a “doctor error”. This comparison too, very much neck upwards, I am guessing.

Sushant Singh

 2013 – Another very confusing comparison made was to Sushant Singh Rajput (Kai Po Che guy). A colleague just pinged me out of the blue and said “Dude, you look like that Kai Po Che guy”. It was only once he said it that I even knew the movie released. Sorry, very bad with dates. Though I did not understand this one, I played along. Even to the extent of creating a Team Sushi (another story for another day). I was not over the Sushant Singh comparison when the next one hit me.


2014 – The most recent of comparisons came while I was watching “Highway”. I supposedly resembled Randeep Hooda (Bollywood actor). Another comparison I do not really understand, and which I am sure is neck upwards. This too has been told by more than one person.

Now I do know that I look nothing like any of the above mentioned people. But then maybe, I was thinking, that they look something like me (maybe). So this is what having a Doppelganger feels like.

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