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Namma Ooru.. Bengaluru !! Who are we?? BFC

Bengaluru FCEvery football fan’s dream would be to watch a live football game. This dream of mine was fulfilled a couple of weeks back when I went to watch the BFC game. Frankly, I did not know what to expect when I was on my way. I thought it would be like watching my college team play. I was so very wrong. Though the quality of the game was not like watching an EPL game, the intensity was very much there. It was just 6,900 odd people there for the first game that we went, but the atmosphere was bloody brilliant.


Everything you needed was there. A bunch of football crazy people watching the game. Chants for the home team and certain players. Boos and jeers for the visiting team. Abuses for the referee when a decision went the wrong way. Joyous celebrations when the home team scored. Yes, everything was there. The stage was set, Bengaluru FC versus Churchill Brothers. I had no idea what to expect, but the huge line at the ticket collection counter gave me hopes that the next couple of hours will truly blow my mind. Needless to say, “blow my mind” was a complete understatement.


Out of the numerous chants that one can hear in the stadium, a few of them stand out.

  • “When the Blues go marching in” – Definitely a front runner for our new anthem.
  • “He scores when he wants, he scores when he wants, Sunil Chhetri, he scores when he wants” – El Capitano proving his mettle game after game.
  • “Who needs Batman, we have Robin” – in support of Robin Singh (our very own Balotelli maybe?)
  • “Let’s go Johnson, let’s go” – every time BFC are awarded a corner, this chant definitely is heard.


The fans do definitely make a big difference to the game. This was evident from the gesture made by the players at the end of their last home game. A big banner thanking the fans, was carried by the players around the field. Sunil Chhetri’s intensity was clearly visible as he got the fans going with his BFC chant. The fans, or as they would call it #12thMan #BestFansEver , have brought life and inspired the team to perform better.


But it isn’t all about the chanting, and the atmosphere. The football is good too. Yes, we are not close to being compared to European football. But at times the stuff that happens on the field, lets you believe that football is very much on the rise in India. And with the kind of support that the BFC fans are dishing out, all one can truly say is “Namma Ooru.. Bengaluru !! Who are we?? BFC !!”

I spy with my little eye, someone looking like you !!

Have you ever been told that you look like someone else? Have you been told that you have a doppelganger? maybe a sports personality, maybe a movie star, maybe some random person walking on the road. A lot of us have heard it. A lot of us have felt it. Well this blog post is about the times that I have been compared to anyone at all.

Randy Orton

 2004 – The first comparison I remember is that I look a lot like Randy Orton (WWE superstar). I have heard this from quite a few people. This was not because they heard someone say so, but because they felt so. Frankly I do not see it, and I won’t be surprised if you do not either. By the way, this comparison is purely neck upwards.

Christian Bale

2010 – Another comparison was to Christian Bale (more famous as Batman) – image no. 2). Now I understand if you need to laugh this one out. The first time I heard this was from my brother’s friend. The moment he saw me, he said that I resembled the Batman guy (pity he did not know Christian Bale’s name – then again, they’re doctors – no pun intended). Although I do not think I have heard this one from anyone else. So this maybe a “doctor error”. This comparison too, very much neck upwards, I am guessing.

Sushant Singh

 2013 – Another very confusing comparison made was to Sushant Singh Rajput (Kai Po Che guy). A colleague just pinged me out of the blue and said “Dude, you look like that Kai Po Che guy”. It was only once he said it that I even knew the movie released. Sorry, very bad with dates. Though I did not understand this one, I played along. Even to the extent of creating a Team Sushi (another story for another day). I was not over the Sushant Singh comparison when the next one hit me.


2014 – The most recent of comparisons came while I was watching “Highway”. I supposedly resembled Randeep Hooda (Bollywood actor). Another comparison I do not really understand, and which I am sure is neck upwards. This too has been told by more than one person.

Now I do know that I look nothing like any of the above mentioned people. But then maybe, I was thinking, that they look something like me (maybe). So this is what having a Doppelganger feels like.

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