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GOKARNA – Quick Review

For all those who haven’t been to this “temple town”, this would serve as a good review (I hope not). Well, after all the hype about Gokarna, I finally made a quick fire decision to go there. I was there for 2 days, and through this post I will tell you some quick tips about the place. So you can go there, a little bit better informed than I was. One word review “Awesome”. More words review “READ ON”.


I reached Gokarna Railway Station at about 11:30 am, Saturday morning. The half an hour auto ride to Om beach (the only beach I have heard of over there, thus the obvious choice) is not very pleasant, but the sights you get to see once you are approaching the beaches are picture perfect. So all you DSLR boys and girls, keep your cameras ready as soon as you are in the rick. Once at Om beach, I checked into the Namaste Café (the only place of stay I have heard of over there, thus the obvious choice). Frankly, the stay is not that great. But then I had to make do.


Changed and came out to lunch to the café. Just for the information of all interested, there are no ATM’s for about 10kms, so please ensure you are loaded. Most places don’t accept cards as well, atleast Namaste Café doesn’t. Anyways, the food was not that great initially, but that was perhaps I did not know what to order, because after every meal we had there, the food was showing signs of improvement, and the last meal I had there was WOW. Once the walking down Om Beach was done, it was time to check out the adjacent beach, called Kudlee Beach. There are 2 ways to get there. One is a 45 mins strenuous walk on a hilly path (upslope only), which we took while trying to get there. The other way, which I was made aware only when we planned to leave from there is a 7 mins walk in between a slight forest. It might seem a little scary to walk that way in the dark, but then the long route is just as bad. So try to go and return when there is sufficient sunlight. To ensure you do not lose your way, there are white arrows painted on the ground to guide you.


Kudlee beach is definitely the best in Gokarna. The water is so very clear, and to watch the sun set here would be a dream come true. The resort on Kudlee beach (Gokarna Resort I think) is expensive when compared to those on Om beach, but it looks posh, and the view that one would get would make it worth it. The other beach in the same line is Half moon beach. Off season it is nothing at all, so I will not comment on that. I haven’t gone to the Paradise beach, so once again, can’t comment on that either. Another beach (which is in the city actually) is about 10kms away from the rest. There is nothing great about this beach. It is just another beach. A lot of people, kids, young people, elders, all of them. There are more localites here than others I believe.


I have heard people say that it is a Mini Goa, and I do agree. One could say that it is Goa minus the massive crowd and the cheaper alcohol.

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