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What FPL has done for EPL ! !

The EPL has always been something that was of interest to many people. I am one among those many people. I would of course not go on to say that I am a hard core fan of football. I can say this because I wouldn’t be really interested in watching a Crystal Palace versus Hull City game. In fact, if Liverpool were to be playing Hull City, I would be the least bit interested. My interest would be confined to, “Whats the result of the Man United game?” and “How many points lead do we have at the top of the table?” (last year’s thoughts, before you guys think I am being over confident about this year).

Well, there is this whole game (if I might call it) called FPL (Fantasy Premier League). I for one take it very seriously, and I know quite a few people who do too. Well, what FPL has done is that it has taken the love for the beautiful game to a whole new level. Suddenly you have football enthusiasts going “gaa gaa goo goo” over some random player scoring against some random team. Seriously, I would be the least bit concerned about a one Mr. Barkley amassing points for Everton, if it were not for FPL. FPL has made the average man think more like Arsene Wenger’s scouts. Yes, pick them when they are young (or in this case “cheap”).

FPL has made hard core football fans think with their head, rather than heart. I have seen a Chelsea fan make David De Gea captain of their FPL team, when it was a Man United versus Chelsea game. Though it might have worked out this time, it might have been a stupid move (if Jose had played his cards right – or maybe he did, who am I to judge). Such instances are many. I do not blame them. They play FPL for points, and not to prove their loyalty to the club. The whole system of having your own private league, and Head 2 Head leagues have increased the interest in FPL. I myself am a part of 2 leagues and 2 H2H leagues, all of which I take more than a little bit seriously. Unfortunately, I do not see the fruits of my seriousness in my points (Grrrr… #HeartBreak)

There are a truckload of apps on the Google play store for FPL (most free), though I prefer their mobile site to all of them. Every Friday, if you see a football fan in deep thought staring at a computer screen, be rest assured, he is figuring out which transfer to make this game week, and who to make his captain. So when Jose Enrique scored 12 points this week, I was not saying to myself “Why that Scouser?”, I was thinking “why on Earth did I make Aguero captain?”. So now it is Wednesday, so it is about time you guys start the thinking process, and decide on what change to bring to your squads. Word of advice, don’t take the Wildcard yet. Be like one of my friends, do 11 changes to your team and forget to press the “Take Wildcard” button. Saturday night his points were 39, add to that a -40, not a pretty picture. Anyways, happy deciding boys. I have some deciding to do of my own. CaSa’s XI is struggling.

For all the ladies who find this post absolutely wasteful, sorry ladies, next time I shall think about writing something that could grab your interest. For all the men who thought this wasteful, bollocks to you.


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