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200 Cr for Chennai Express – The Real Reason

Chennai_ExpressI watched Chennai Express earlier this week. Not in a theatre, but in the comfort of a friend’s home. I watched it on the Monday after its release, when they had already crossed the 100 Cr mark. I did my bit to make sure I did not add another Rs. 150 to the tally. Most of the gang went to watch “The Conjuring” (as my friend said ‘shitting bricks’), but thankfully I had company to watch the biggest blockbuster of the year. To say I was utterly disappointed would be an understatement because the movie was so very pathetic, so very distasteful, so very “every other synonym of pathetic”. I began to wonder “How on Earth could this movie possibly get to the 100 Cr. mark.

Today I just heard that it crossed the 200 Cr. mark and this left me even more dumbfounded. I mean don’t people talk to others before going. This is not Rajnikanth’s movie, where people just go in for the sake that he is acting in it – though there was a song dedicated to him, which I like (more on that later). This was SRK, in a way that I haven’t seen him in the past. No offence to him, I am a SRK fan, and have a fancy for Rohit Shetty movies as well, but this was a little more than one could digest. I am a fan of PJ’s. But this was “every synonym of pathetic”. Even if it were only because of the SRK/Rohit Shetty combo, 200 Cr. is way too big an amount. So it had to be something else. I thought to myself “Don’t people talk to each other before going for the movie? Don’t they ask people who have already gone? Don’t they see the comments or status that people put up on FB which are blasting Chennai Express?” That’s when it struck me – the reason for Chennai Express’ monumental profit. It is simply because people do in fact talk to each other and ask them how the movie was.

People have become so sadistic that, for the simple reason that they were tortured for 141 minutes, they believe it is their right to ensure and inflict that the torture is passed on. Compliments about the movie like “Oh yes, wonderful movie”, “To die for (which is actually true in a way)”, “Brilliant”, are all used lavishly to promote a movie, and suddenly you feel the misguided folks enter a theatre and bear the movie. Now since this person has suffered, out comes the devil in him/her to ensure that he/she does the same to a fellow “bakra/bakri”. This cycle goes on, until finally everyone has seen it, 200 Cr. is way gone, and even more money is right around the corner.

So yes, my “honest” review of the movie would be – “Oh yes, wonderful movie”, “To die for”, “Brilliant”. One small doubt though. Deepika Padukone was running away from home. So why was she running frantically behind the Chennai Express which takes her straight back home?

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