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By Myself


Although loneliness has always been a friend of mine…

Lonely, I’m so Lonely, I have nobody…

No no, I am not singing or writing the lyrics of the song. It just came to my mind when I decided to start typing. Well, after 27 years 2 months and a few days of always being around someone, finally the day has come for me stay alone. I mean, I have had the odd day with no one at home or whatever, but as of today I am officially staying alone. The first 16 years of my life I stayed with parents in Dubai, followed by a year with cousins in Kerala, and another year in the school hostel also in Kerala. Few years in Mangalore with friends in the college hostel and the last few in Bangalore, also with college friends. All these years, I have always had atleast one person to back to, no matter what the problem would be. Whether it be as major as “bro, no cash, month end, buy me lunch” or even as minute as “no tooth paste”. Of course I have friends around me to still buy me lunch, if need be, but then the tooth paste problem is still a problem. But then hey, one can always gargle his way out of that. 😉 

Last night was my official night of staying alone, and boy was it tough. I watched Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, and put myself to sleep. It was a tough night, because I do not really think I will have one movie every night for the same. Anyways, that would be the schedule any normal day. But I like this house. Not for the fresh smell of paint that comes with moving into a new house, not for the sense of privacy, not for the fact that it is a huge house (sarcasm), not for the fact that I have a beautiful garden right opposite my house (major sarcasm again) and definitely not for the fact that it is going to burn a huge hole in my pocket in the beginning of every month. But yet, I am beginning to take a fancy for it. 

By the way, shopping for a house is so expensive. I just went shopping for basic necessities for the house, soaps, scrubs, glasses, plates and a few other things, and that already burnt a miniature hole in my pocket. Wonder what is going to happen when I actually start “cooking” and need to buy groceries. But then, that’s another story. Till then, I have Favourite Restaurant, Suchitra Biriyani, Juicy, or of course EU Castle. For more details on EU Castle, please refer to previous post. J

 I would love to tell you guys that you can come over any time and give you the address, but frankly, I do not know the address yet. Just reach Wind Tunnel road on Murgeshpalya and give me a ring, and I will direct you. Trust me, it is very easy from there. Anyways, that’s a wrap. Over n out.

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