Man’s Best Friend

A normal Saturday it was meant to be. Was at home in the morning, had a nice heavy lunch (Dominos Pizza), met friends and spent the entire evening and night in a café sipping on Sulaimani tea. We finally vacated from the café at quarter past 12, when they finally chased us out. The entire day was perfect, but what followed simply was the perfect ending to my “Oh So Perfect” day.

We were standing outside the café, when we noticed a maroon car park right in front of us. Out stepped an old man, perhaps in his 60’s, dressed in a white shirt and brown pants. As always, a pack of dogs headed towards the car, to make the wheels of the car their own personal commode. To my surprise, they all just walked up to the passenger side door and waited for the man. He walked over to the passenger seat, took out a plastic cover from the passenger seat, and whistled. A pack of dogs turned into a truckload. The man then took out biscuits from the plastic cover and put them on the ground. One handful at a time strategically placed so as to give enough for each dog. I looked through the glass to see the front passenger seat carrying a bigger plastic cover, filled with something.


Curiosity got the better of me. I had to talk to this man. I walked upto him while he was busy feeding the dogs. He stayed about a kilometer away and came down this road every single day and fed the dogs. He fed close to 60 dogs a day. I was just in awe. He just said one thing “We all live, just like these dogs. And if they are man’s best friend, then we should uphold our end of the friendship. That’s what friends are for”. I normally have a million things to say to everything anyone says, but now I was just speechless. My single thought was just “RESPECT”.

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  1. hmmmm…. Respect…. He should be my best friend


  2. You have put the greatest thought in such a wonderful experience. “Respect”! 🙂


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