The Case of the Missing Phone.. :(

A phone, one of modern man’s most valuable possessions. It has become a symbol of social status today. You have a smart phone, it would mean that you either are being paid very highly by your company, have a wealthy better half, or generous parents. The pain and sorrow that comes with the loss of a phone, is beyond measure. Phones can be lost in many ways, dropped on the road, left in the rickshaw, misplaced in a theatre, or even stolen. I am sure many of you have lost your phones in one of these ways. I am a victim of the same. Not just once, but twice. Funny stories actually. I have been dying to write all about it.

Incident number 1 happened in the year 2010 I guess. I was returning from a friend’s place in Kormanagala walking towards the main road to meet my friend who was waiting to pick me up. I was walking past Empire hotel and running to the Ring road. I was almost there, when it suddenly started dizzling. I could actually see my friend waiting for me in his car in the distance. I tried to make a run for it. I had to cross the road, and while doing that I realized that my phone was in my shirt pocket. (This phone was a 1 month old phone; I do not even remember the model. It was a metallic colour Nokia slide phone which I was totally in love with). While running across the road, in order to ensure that the phone doesn’t fall off, I tried to hold onto it. This made the phone jump right out of the pocket and fall in the middle of the road. I had reached the other end of the road by then and turned around to see my phone in the middle of the road. I started walking back towards it, when I noticed a bike heading my way. It was a RX-100. He slowed down seeing me, and stopped right next to my phone (which was 2 steps away from me at the moment). He bent down and picked it up and looked straight at me. “What a nice guy, stopped his bike, picked up my phone and is now looking towards me to give it to me”, I thought. Imagine my surprise when the look on his face changed into a smirk as he raced off on his bike, with my phone in hand. I was dumbstruck for about 10 seconds, after which I ran over to my friend who was waiting for me to chase down this thief. Needless to say, it was an effort in vain.

Incident number 2 happened a couple of months back. I was sitting in the office, doing some work on the laptop. A guy came in with a piece of paper and a diary. He handed me the piece of paper in his hand, and waited patiently for me to read through it. It said something about him being deaf and dumb, and any money donated would be helpful for his organization. He put his diary on my table, as if ready to write down my name and the amount I was willing to donate. I gestured to him trying to let him know that I had no money at that time to donate. He just looked at me with a disappointed face, took his diary and left. After a few seconds, I realized that my phone was not on the table. I checked my pockets, and remembered that it was on the table right next to the laptop, where the “dumb and deaf” guy placed his diary, and then it struck me. It was about 20 seconds at most from when he left the office. I stepped out of the office and saw the guy already at the end of the road, walking hurriedly. I sprinted as fast as I could, but by the time I reached the end of the road, he was nowhere in sight. I still went in the direction that I thought I saw him go, but to no avail. I walked back to the office, and told my colleagues what had happened.

When I went to file a FIR, the cop actually showed me a file filled with missing mobile cases. He laughed and said, now one more is added. He went on to say that he can’t file a complaint as theft, but only as lost. Since we did not have any proof that it was indeed the deaf and dumb guy who stole it. Why of course, we should have asked him to sign a contract stating that he is a thief, and he intends to steal my phone, so I have some written proof to show to the cop. Dumb-ass.
2 stolen phones. 2 FIR’s filed. 0 results.

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  1. Those were sickening robberies. You are forever going to hate the dumb and deaf with a diary and people riding Yamaha! My sympathies are with you!


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