The Premier League.. Confused? So am I !!

A few years back, you say “Premier League”, and all that could be imagined was the English Premier League. The thoughts would be revolving around Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United. Before anyone gets any thoughts, the above list is in alphabetical order and no other ordering. Not to stray from the topic, Premier League. Well yes, a few years back, these were the thoughts, but today, well here goes the list:

English Premier League (as mentioned) – ESPN & Star Sports

Indian Premier League – Set Max

Hollywood Premier League – Sony Pix (I think)

Bangladesh Premier League – Neo Sports (I think)

and so on and so forth…


But let us just focus on the two most important ones (according to me atleast), the IPL and the EPL. This isn’t a cricket against football blog, so that is not what I am trying to do. Two different games, but played in similar format (round robin matches, one home and one away), overseas players (no limit in EPL, actually more foreign that English players there), and the main similarity is (in the words of Vidya Balan) “Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment”.


This year’s EPL saw the best anti climax ever, with Manchester City taking the title with a brace in the last 4 minutes. The title was for the first time decided over Goal Difference (no battle there though). Even the relegation battle was ongoing till the last day, with the result of one team affecting another and vice versa. This year’s IPL is perhaps the closest IPL so far, with many teams still fighting for a spot in the play-offs. The EPL gave us a truckload of nail biting finishes (especially the last game), some beautiful football, some attempts at beautiful football (no offence :P), some not so beautiful football, some breath taking goals and many OMG moments. The IPL gave us all that it promised so far, numerous last ball finishes, unbelievable fielding (Steve Smith comes to mind), breathtaking batting (Gayle-storm, need I say more), and some pin point accurate bowling (Slinga Malinga). To add to all that we got to see Danny Morrison entertaining us with his madness. Apart from the Siddhuisms I even found even the pre match telecast The Extra Innings very entertaining, and it has nothing to do with the presence of a certain female on the show.


So well, which has entertained us more? I can’t answer that one. All I know is that this year has been a good one for a sports lover, and we are just mid way through May. Let us hope for the rest of the year to be just as action packed as the first 5 months.


P.S. On a totally unrelated note, it is my birthday in a couple of weeks. Any gifts or cash prizes should be sent to me directly. And just so all of you know, I am strictly against the “Gifts in Blessings” line.

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  1. Awesome blog like always
    P.S. On a totally unrelated note, where are you treating us??


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