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InoVVorX – The Beginning.. (As I see it !!)

Two years ago, 2 young minds had an idea. Working in the monotonous IT job at a MNC was just not satisfying enough for their hungry souls. They worked part time for the most part of their first one year, on web apps. Worked for the money during the day, and at nights followed their hearts and worked for passion. These lads out of nowhere mustered the courage to quit their jobs, and decided to embark on a journey. Packed their bags and with a truckload of ideas, decided that it was time to start something of their own. Voila, InoVVorX was officially born.
In between a few small scale projects, they struck the jackpot with Was it lady luck or just a helping hand from the Almighty One? Well, only He can answer that. Their design was approved and they started working on it. Along came a number of projects, and before you knew it, InoVVorX was hiring. An office space was rented out (in which initially just the 2 of them sat in), and now it is occupied by a handful of able designers and a load of developers working on different apps.

For many, this would be the life. Not for these 2. Something was missing, and they knew it because their insatiable thirst was not quite quenched. Yes, it was time they created apps of their own. No client involved and more importantly no financial constraints. A big risk that they were willing to take only because of that insatiable thirst. Ideas just kept flowing in, but a few heart breaking google searches later, they realized that there already was an app made for it. Suddenly it struck them, that there were a million apps out there, but why not make something that is just plain better, easier to use and simply simple.

A brand portal for all the companies in India and a medical management software. Both these products are set to hit the Indian markets in February. In the months to come, if you hear the names Doondoo and MedEasy, remember this. It all started with “Two years ago, 2 young minds had an idea…”

How To Bell The Cat ?

CAT results are out. Firstly, no I didn’t try out for CAT. Many of my friends did though. Some took it seriously, and prepared well. Some took it not so seriously, and studied (apparently) for the last week. Some didn’t give a damn, and just went and wrote the exam (I don’t get the point though). Anyhow, well congratulations to all the people I know who did well. Better luck time to those who didn’t.

Ok, now that we have got all that out of the way, let us get down to the real reason I am writing this blog post. Couple of my friends had their CAT exams one day apart. The first guy (let us say MP) who falls into the category of “no studying, and yet writing”, successfully attempted the paper and got back home. Later in the day, the second guy (let us say RP), who also falls into the category of “no studying, and yet writing”, called MP up to ask him for advice as to how to tackle CAT. MP replied very seriously:

1)      It is very cold in the hall, so make sure you carry a sweater or something to keep yourself warm.

2)      You have to be sitting there for quite some time before and after, so make sure you carry water, and carry biscuits also to munch in between.

I don’t know how seriously RP took what MP was saying, but he would be thanking God for calling him because of point 3.

3)      Don’t forget to take your hall ticket.

RP hung up (not in ager) and called my office to ask us to take a print out for him of his hall ticket. Did I mention that this was little past 10 in the night? Talk about late realization. If I am not wrong, we did have a little fun at R’s expense, telling him that we didn’t have ink in our printer, and could only print in white ink. We asked him if it was ok to paint a paper black and print with white font. I am not really sure if this was the sequence of events, but I think it was. I hope it was, because this seems like a good story.

I hereby declare that the above information is true to the best of my memory. Names were (tried to be) kept anonymous to avoid embarrasments. Cheers ! !

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