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The “Ghajini” Effect

It’s not just a Surya or an Aamir Khan problem. We might not notice it, but it is all around us. Ok, I shouldn’t dare speak about others, but yes, I do suffer from it. I am not proud of it, but I do suffer from short term memory loss. Maybe not all the memories just go, but most times it is the most important ones that just slip my mind.

I talk to my brother once in a couple of days, and more often than not, he tells me to call home. I really do mean to call, but after about an hour or so, it just slips my mind, and I only remember the next time he calls up. Matter of fact, I don’t even remember when he calls, it is only when he asks me that it flashes. Sorry I had to bring this up bro!!

Ghajini effect can be majorly observed during the college times, exams especially. There have been so many times that there was an answer I knew word to word before I entered the hall. In such cases, either that one question doesn’t come in the question paper (I write the answer anyways though), or else it comes, and I’m blank, and the worst part, you would be surrounded by people who either haven’t learnt that chapter, skipped that question or else are suffering from the Ghajini Effect too.

Take cricket for example. England got a Maharaja style ass whooping courtesy Team India. And suddenly out of the blue, I have forgotten about the series we lost in England. Suddenly, I think of Team India as the world champions, who can now go and beat Australia in their back yard. Probably another example of the Ghajini Effect.

I don’t think I need even mention the problems in remembering dates. Perhaps the only dates I do remember are the birthdays of my parents and brother, mine of course, and a few more dear and near ones. Thank God for FaceBook. Keeps reminding me of the birthdays. For those people who don’t put their birthdays up on FaceBook, please start now, atleast for the sake of those suffering from the Ghajini Effect.

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