I Believe …

“The first man and woman on Earth, Adam and Eve. They had two children Cain and Abel. Cain killed Abel. So where did the rest of us come about from?”

For the people that are scratching their heads wondering how on Earth this is possible. Well, NO there was no test tube baby at that time, and NO there was no miracle. If you read a bit further on in the Bible (not much further, just a couple of pages), you will find in Genesis Chapter 5, that Adam and Eve had a son Seth, after which Adam lived 800 years, and had other sons and daughters. However, I don’t think that any names are mentioned in the Bible for the children, apart from Cain, Abel and Seth. So I guess the whole problem of where we all came from is sorted out. There were more than enough people around, and yes marriage to siblings must have been allowed back then, though now, it is just plain disturbing.

Now, for the earlier doubt I had, I got the answer, but there is something I don’t understand – Mary Magdalene. For those wondering who she is, she is the one who, according to the movie The Da Vinci Code, married Jesus Christ. Well, I don’t believe anything in that book, but what I don’t understand is this. The first mention of Mary Magdalene (I believe) was when she was cured of the demons. But she became more prominent since she was present at the time of the crucifixion. She saw Jesus die on the cross (Good Friday), she watched to see where the body was taken, she went to the tomb early in the morning (Easter Sunday) and discovered that the tomb was empty, and if I am not wrong, she was the first person to see Jesus after His resurrection. She is present in all the four gospels, but suddenly she disappears without any explanation. After all that she has witnessed, I would believe that she would have a bigger role to play. But I’m not an expert.

For everybody’s information, I don’t question the Bible in any way, and I am a firm believer. Just because I wrote this blog, shouldn’t make anyone think that I am questioning anything. Consider it my lack of knowledge. I didn’t mean to hurt any sentiments or anger anyone. Peace !!!

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  1. these are a few of geniune questions which you could find in any holy things, yet they are still holy because we believe questioning of such are unholy! Peace on earth sans religion!!!


  2. what was the whole point of this blog post then??Yeah, I too wondered how we all came into being.And there are many ‘theories’ that will question the sanity and belief of a Christian but if we are to do anything, then we aren’t supposed to be in a state of confusion but ask Him to clear it for us. And yeah, if He has asked us to do anything, its this – believe in Him. And if you are still confused, spend time in the Word and prayer and when you need to know, the Lord shall reveal it to you.God bless you,dude.

    @Mujahiz – Christianity might be labelled out to be a religion, but Christ didn’t die for a religion but for us to have everlasting life. Peace, coz of Christ.

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  3. Thanks for the read ma’am.. 🙂 But then yeah, just because I have questions it doesn’t mean I do not believe. For the record.. I believe.. My lack of knowledge probably led to this blog.. not meant to hurt any sentiments..

    Nice post btw..


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