A New Begining …

Shifted into the new house, after a lot of confusion and hard work, starting with the pending deposit from the old house to the deposit in the new house. Getting the TATA Sky fixed in time for the ManUtd Liverpool game. Setting up at least the beds. First thing I did was repair the old fridge, and now it’s back up and running. But I still haven’t unpacked. Surprising since it has already been a couple of weeks since I moved in. But yes, I will do it today. So if all goes well, my house should be completely ready and habitable. Need to buy a few things too, starting with a TV stand (enough of the TV on a suitcase), and mainly fresh beans for the 2 bean bags. But i have left all the buying for next month, after my bank account has a little more money.

There are a few things I don’t understand though. I guess I liked the house so much at first sight that I actually overlooked a basic thing. The paint in my house is a light shade of pink (or so it seems), but that’s not the problem. The problem is the green bordering he has given for the ceiling. This is no ordinary green, it’s a dark bright green. The kind that you find on a fresh leaf. Simply said, not the good kind. At least not as a paint for a ceiling. Why owner WHY??

Another thing I don’t understand is the geyser at my place. No matter how long I leave it on, the water doesn’t remain hot. I mean, not even enough hot water to fill a bucket. The shower still leaves a lot to be hoped for. But then all these small little problems apart, I love this house. I also got to know recently that I will be joined by my roomie by end of November, which is a good 2 months before he was expected back. So I guess I will soon be able to call this my HOME again.

By the way, dear roomies, there is a small little problem regarding place in the cupboards for clothes. We can’t be as lavish as we were in the 2 bhk house. Adjust madbeku.

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  1. Small place but big enough to fit Pengu?


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