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The “Ghajini” Effect

It’s not just a Surya or an Aamir Khan problem. We might not notice it, but it is all around us. Ok, I shouldn’t dare speak about others, but yes, I do suffer from it. I am not proud of it, but I do suffer from short term memory loss. Maybe not all the memories just go, but most times it is the most important ones that just slip my mind.

I talk to my brother once in a couple of days, and more often than not, he tells me to call home. I really do mean to call, but after about an hour or so, it just slips my mind, and I only remember the next time he calls up. Matter of fact, I don’t even remember when he calls, it is only when he asks me that it flashes. Sorry I had to bring this up bro!!

Ghajini effect can be majorly observed during the college times, exams especially. There have been so many times that there was an answer I knew word to word before I entered the hall. In such cases, either that one question doesn’t come in the question paper (I write the answer anyways though), or else it comes, and I’m blank, and the worst part, you would be surrounded by people who either haven’t learnt that chapter, skipped that question or else are suffering from the Ghajini Effect too.

Take cricket for example. England got a Maharaja style ass whooping courtesy Team India. And suddenly out of the blue, I have forgotten about the series we lost in England. Suddenly, I think of Team India as the world champions, who can now go and beat Australia in their back yard. Probably another example of the Ghajini Effect.

I don’t think I need even mention the problems in remembering dates. Perhaps the only dates I do remember are the birthdays of my parents and brother, mine of course, and a few more dear and near ones. Thank God for FaceBook. Keeps reminding me of the birthdays. For those people who don’t put their birthdays up on FaceBook, please start now, atleast for the sake of those suffering from the Ghajini Effect.

I Believe …

“The first man and woman on Earth, Adam and Eve. They had two children Cain and Abel. Cain killed Abel. So where did the rest of us come about from?”

For the people that are scratching their heads wondering how on Earth this is possible. Well, NO there was no test tube baby at that time, and NO there was no miracle. If you read a bit further on in the Bible (not much further, just a couple of pages), you will find in Genesis Chapter 5, that Adam and Eve had a son Seth, after which Adam lived 800 years, and had other sons and daughters. However, I don’t think that any names are mentioned in the Bible for the children, apart from Cain, Abel and Seth. So I guess the whole problem of where we all came from is sorted out. There were more than enough people around, and yes marriage to siblings must have been allowed back then, though now, it is just plain disturbing.

Now, for the earlier doubt I had, I got the answer, but there is something I don’t understand – Mary Magdalene. For those wondering who she is, she is the one who, according to the movie The Da Vinci Code, married Jesus Christ. Well, I don’t believe anything in that book, but what I don’t understand is this. The first mention of Mary Magdalene (I believe) was when she was cured of the demons. But she became more prominent since she was present at the time of the crucifixion. She saw Jesus die on the cross (Good Friday), she watched to see where the body was taken, she went to the tomb early in the morning (Easter Sunday) and discovered that the tomb was empty, and if I am not wrong, she was the first person to see Jesus after His resurrection. She is present in all the four gospels, but suddenly she disappears without any explanation. After all that she has witnessed, I would believe that she would have a bigger role to play. But I’m not an expert.

For everybody’s information, I don’t question the Bible in any way, and I am a firm believer. Just because I wrote this blog, shouldn’t make anyone think that I am questioning anything. Consider it my lack of knowledge. I didn’t mean to hurt any sentiments or anger anyone. Peace !!!

A New Begining …

Shifted into the new house, after a lot of confusion and hard work, starting with the pending deposit from the old house to the deposit in the new house. Getting the TATA Sky fixed in time for the ManUtd Liverpool game. Setting up at least the beds. First thing I did was repair the old fridge, and now it’s back up and running. But I still haven’t unpacked. Surprising since it has already been a couple of weeks since I moved in. But yes, I will do it today. So if all goes well, my house should be completely ready and habitable. Need to buy a few things too, starting with a TV stand (enough of the TV on a suitcase), and mainly fresh beans for the 2 bean bags. But i have left all the buying for next month, after my bank account has a little more money.

There are a few things I don’t understand though. I guess I liked the house so much at first sight that I actually overlooked a basic thing. The paint in my house is a light shade of pink (or so it seems), but that’s not the problem. The problem is the green bordering he has given for the ceiling. This is no ordinary green, it’s a dark bright green. The kind that you find on a fresh leaf. Simply said, not the good kind. At least not as a paint for a ceiling. Why owner WHY??

Another thing I don’t understand is the geyser at my place. No matter how long I leave it on, the water doesn’t remain hot. I mean, not even enough hot water to fill a bucket. The shower still leaves a lot to be hoped for. But then all these small little problems apart, I love this house. I also got to know recently that I will be joined by my roomie by end of November, which is a good 2 months before he was expected back. So I guess I will soon be able to call this my HOME again.

By the way, dear roomies, there is a small little problem regarding place in the cupboards for clothes. We can’t be as lavish as we were in the 2 bhk house. Adjust madbeku.

#2325, 1st Floor, 16th B Main Indiranagar :-)

It was exactly one year back that 4 young lads walked into this new house.  4 people who have been staying together (more or less) for the past 6 years. Well, we can’t say it’s a bad house, its small, its cozy, nice location, but more importantly, the 4 of us were together.

Before even stepping into the house, bad luck struck forth. The fridge while being carried up the stairs was dropped. The bottom part broke and apparently some liquid was dripping and it was fuming like crazy. (One year later that fridge still stands unrepaired in my kitchen). The day we moved in we had decided to maintain a book, writing down everyone’s expenses, to be settled at the end of the month. I don’t recall a single month it was done properly though. The house was an empty house with absolutely nothing in it other than lights, fans, couple of built in shelves and cupboards and a geyser. We went shopping that day and spent a handsome amount of money, buying stuff for the house, mattresses and pillows, curtains, a couple of bean bags, and finally a second hand TV. Yes, this house was now a home.

This house was great mainly because it was like a 5 minute walk from everything. Indiranagar is one of the hottest locations in Bangalore, and we were there. Our neighbor has 6 dogs (all different breeds), and it is a hilarious sight to watch him attempt to walk all 6 dogs at the same time. Almost all hotels delivered food to our place. All in all, all the basic necessities were satisfied. And the better part, we had friends coming over ever so often. Tons of fun. (Guess it was the calm before the storm)

I have heard of robberies, I have read about them, but never actually known first hand. Early this year, we had a break in. Not so much a break in, if he walked right through the front door. Me and a roomie had an early morning shift, so we left home at 5 am. Locking the door and threw they key inside the house for the other roomie. At about 7am, he calls me saying that he woke up to find the door wide open and 2 laptops missing. In the 2 hour span after we left, some IDIOT had the audacity to enter our house, walk into the same room where a “tired” roomie was sleeping, unplug the earphones and charger attached to the laptop, and just leave with 2 laptops. Apart from the fact that that IDIOT didn’t take anything else, I was but left wondering. What would have happened if my roomie had happened to wake up at that time. Thank God nothing else happened. Material things can always be replaced.

Anyways, today I am left alone in this house (no more a home now that the family members are gone). All I can do is look back at one year of happiness, sadness, joy and grief. Roomies, I’m sure none of you wanted to leave, but fate had other plans. Anyways, our saga at Indiranagar is over, and let us make a new home out of a new house.

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