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Dinner At Papa John’s

Tired of the usual dinner at the same restaurant, ordering the same food every dingle night, my colleagues and I decided to eat at a different place today, and the closest place we saw was Papa John’s (on the Old Airport Road). Though one of my colleagues were “anti-pizza”(apparently), we still decided on the same place. Another colleague had told us that the place was very good and the rates were cheap. (Yeah Yeah Yeah !!)

Well, we went in (coincidentally minutes after we all went to the ATM), and settled down in one of the many empty tables. Looked at the menu and ordered 2 large pizzas and a pitcher of Pepsi for the 4 of us. The guy who took the order did mention that one pizza would satisfy us, but we still ordered 2. After a long long wait, which included me indicating to the waiters rubbing my stomach that I was very hungry, our pizzas were ready. And 30 minutes later, there were 2 empty pans and 4 satisfied guys, and a little Pepsi remaining, which one of my colleagues, gulped down within no time.

The bill came, and we all expected the bill to be about 250 per head, but were taken aback by the excess on the bill. We had actually forgotten that whenever we go to eat out, we generally carry along 2 extra people by default, Mr.VAT and Mr.Service Charge. That too nearing month end, when I struggle to make ends meet, these 2 uninvited guests decide to play kill joy.

All in all, good food and a good place, though service could have been a little quicker. But I still would have preferred to have my Papa John pay at the end of the meal. (Just Kidding Dad!!)

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