La Tomatina Est Annulée

I read today that the much awaited (for different reasons) La Tomatina – Bangalore’s First Tomato Festival is disallowed. The CM has apparently given strict orders to the Commissioner to make sure that the festival does not take place. Reason being that farmers and environmentalists have objected to the wastage of tomatoes for mere entertainment. I, however do remember reading that the organizers had claimed to be using tomatoes that are “not edible, but not rotten” (whatever that meant) hereafter referred to as NENR.

Actually, I kind of expected this to happen. I mean, come on, we are in India. Just because Zoya Akhtar decides to show it in her movie, wouldn’t mean that we were going to make it happen here. There are quite a few things I don’t understand though. Firstly, which are the tomatoes that are NENR. I mean, why wouldn’t it be edible if it wasn’t rotten? Excessive pesticide usage was something I thought of, but isn’t that a risk too? Over exposure? I am pretty pathetic at science and my knowledge is way below average, but a pending question.

To look at it from the other point of view. If there were tomatoes that were in the NENR category, why shouldn’t it be used for entertainment? What else can you use it for? Manure? I’m pretty sure you can use a squashed tomato for that too. Once again, forgive my lack of knowledge.

As I guess is pretty evident from the post I am not taking sides. No harm done. I hadn’t booked tickets, though I really did want to go. But then hey, this is Bangalore, I’m sure we can think of something to spend a Sunday evening (football maybe – Man Utd v/s Chelsea). As is said, when God shuts a window, He opens a door.

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