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Writing Ain’t My Cup Of Tea

My roommate always tells me that he thinks of the smartest ideas when in the toilet. Maybe he is right, maybe he is wrong (depends on how this blog ends up), coz yes, this too I thought of while “taking a dump”. I must admit I am not an avid reader, but I do my fair share of reading, mostly of stuff that friends recommend. But writing, not so much. Actually never so far.

I thought to myself, “hey, these are just people putting words to their thoughts, how tough can it be?”. People say that you can express yourself best in the language you think in. In that case, this must be a cakewalk. Atleast that’s what I thought (still in the toilet by the way). People have told me that I talk a lot, and that is in English (most of it at least), so I thought, how hard would it be to actually write what I say. Plus I have the added advantage of not having to listen to people say “Enough Already”.

Next big tension was what to write about. I don’t know enough about any topic to write. So if you find that the contents of this post are all mixed up and jumbled, well that’s what’s happening in my head.

Today I went to pay the electricity bill and found myself at the end of a long-ass queue. Waiting has never been one of my good qualities, and as usual I seemed pretty restless. There was this elderly woman in front of me. Ok hold on, I think I need to explain how she looked. Dressed in a jeans and a tee, she had this look of someone who was perhaps living abroad and here on vacation. You know the type, fair as snow, with nice hair, and complaining about how hot the weather is, and how lazy the people here are, and the OMG amount of traffic. Yes yes, she was one of them (or so I thought). I struck up a conversation (heights of boredom), to realize that she has always been in Bangalore. Utterly confused I thought it best to not further confuse myself. After all, I still had to think of something to write about. But this huge line got the better of me, and I continued to talk to this woman. The more I spoke, the more I realized that I was so wrong about her. Always been in Bangalore, yet not accustomed to the weather and the traffic. Hell, I’ve been here 2 and a half years and I’m already used to it.

She did most of the talking, while I listened and hoped for the queue to move faster. Finally, she reached the counter and paid her bill, and moved on. Then came my turn and I too paid off the bill (for a first time within the due date, not wanting to risk the line man coming and cutting the connection again. Oh yes that happened, but that’s another story. Maybe next time.). I was on my way to the bus stop to catch a bus to work when I saw her again waiting for a rick. Again she started off some conversation, and asked me if I needed a drop to office since it was “on the way” for her. I was glad to accept that gracious offer (anything that’s free, I like). It takes me 5 minutes to reach office in a rick, but this seemed like an eternity. She asked me where I worked, what I did, family, etc. and finally asked me my age. When I replied, these were her exact words “Oh damn, if you were a year older I could have talked to your parents about getting my daughter married to you”. I was caught totally out of guard. All I could manage was a smile and the words “bad luck”.

As I got off the rick, and after the pleasantries, I thought to myself, what possibly I could have done or said for her to even consider me as a potential son-in-law. She did all the talking, and all she knew of me was where I worked, where my family was and that I was a Christian (it seems she made that out seeing the cross that was hanging from my chain). I mean, is that actually enough nowadays? Is this what arranged marriages have come to these days? I’m not a believer in arranged marriages, but again WTF. Wait till I tell my parents of the first “almost marriage proposal” their son got.

Ok now I have nothing else to say. I tried asking a few people (on Twitter) if a little more than one page of content on Microsoft Word would be enough for a start, and I haven’t got a reply. So I’m taking that as a yes. So without further ado, let me conclude this first attempt at writing (typing as my friend just pointed out). Au Revoir till I think of something else to write about. Cheers.

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